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Developing free software and participating actively in the communities through technology are our passions.

Business Intelligence

All the organizations and projects have the need to evaluate their development and take the best decisions in order to improve through time. Nowadays is infrequent to find projects that don't use TIC tools to manage and track the daily work. These tools generate data. Do we have enough visibility on this data? Can we analyze it using our own indicators? Do we study systematically our date before taking decisions?

Free tools

Business Intelligence (BI) concept refers to the set of digital tools, technologic infrastructure and knowledge that allow us to facilitate the guidance and decision making in organizations and projects, through the data they generate.

In Coopdevs we work with free tools to be able to analyze data coming from different sources, like ERP, web analytics, customized applications databases, spreadsheets, APIs, etc.

Our experience

Some of our customers who have worked with as in the BI area are:
Som Connexió, ADBdT, FCTC, Som Mobilitat

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We have specialized ourselves in the free software ERP Odoo (Community Edition). This ERP provides benefits in terms of interoperability between different processes and different applications, usage facility, report generation facility, data importation/exportation, etc.

Oferim implantacions i manteniment d'Odoo tant per a cooperatives sense grans necessitats de customització com serveis de desenvolupament a mida per projectes amb grans necessitats de customització de l'ERP Odoo.Alguns dels nostres clients que fan servir l'ERP Odoo són: Som Comunitats, EPI, La Feixa, Som Connexió, Talleres Mitxelena.

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How we work?

The Odoo implementation process can be split in the following stages:

Discovery and conceptualization

The compilation of requirements, the identification of the key parts of interest and the planning of the project. During this stage, the organization must determine what to achieve with Odoo, what features it needs and how to implement the system.

Odoo implementation
Install and configure Odoo, migrate data if needed, test the system and empower the final users. This is the stage where the organization works to guarantee that Odoo is properly configured to satisfy your specific needs and the users are ready to use it in an effective way.

We organize training sessions about the implemented modules, considering the chosen processes in the discovery stage.

After implementing the system, a continuous support is needed to make sure it keeps satisfying all the business needs. That means proportionate periodic updates, solve issues and answer the user questions or concerns. This stage is crucial to make sure that the organization takes the most benefit from its investment in Odoo.

The product improvement after the delivery (to fix errors, improve the performance or other parameters) is part of the lifecycle inside a product development that follows the implementation.

Digital Transition 

Lots of organizations are involved or are planning to execute digitalization processes, either internally introducing new digital tools or setting up new projects based in digital technology.

How we can help?

We often find cooperatives who failed in the past implementing this kind of digital processes or new digital products. That's the reason why we guide organizations and projects acting as a technical partner to provide our knowledge and experience from a technological strategy point of view, being able to evaluate better the relation benefit-cost from technology related decisions, make a needs analysis, provide free software tools that can answer to your needs, coordinate software development projects using Agile methodologies, etc.

Our experience

Some of the projects we have guided are:
Cercles.Coop, SomEcologistika, LaZona, AmbTu

We col·laborate with:


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